Personalized Approach

No two houses are ever there same. So why should your home be treated like all the others? At Hernandez Contractor LLC we thoroughly inspect each home and provide all possible solutions to match your individual needs.

Excellence and Professionalism

Roofing is a bit more than just a hammer and some nails.........When choosing Hernandez Contractor you are sure to expect work done at the highest quality. Our skilled employees hold an average of 12 years experience! We are always prepared and looking for the best possible way to ensure your satisfaction.

Who Is Jose Hernandez?

Jose M. Hernandez is a husband & father of 5. Born and raised in Morelia, Mexico. In 1995 Jose moved to the United States at the age 16 where he was introduced to the trade of roofing. Learning and observing his fellows around him he would pick up his knowledge and skill. In 2006 he branched off and created Hernandez Contractor LLC. The rest has been history! Jose has been gladly serving the Delmarva Community for over a decade. But life is more than just work. He lives to bring joy to others, laughs, and have a good time with the ones he loves. If he's not doing any of those he has a fishing rod in his hand!